You are more powerful than you know.

Your beautiful mind, body and heart can resource you up, melt away blocks, tune into and open up new pathways for a clearer, smoother way forward,

with more grace, ease and enjoyment than you might think possible.

I’m an intuitive Mind Body Practitioner and Cranial Osteopath passionate about seeing you connect with and enjoy your optimal health potential.

Through heart-centered breathing, mindfulness and embodiment practices as well as hands-on craniosacral treatments.

To assist the body to realign and resynch back to you, and your full potential.

To connect with, cultivate, activate and allow energy to flow through your mind, body heart and life, including the energy of Health.

To ease, flow, fulfillment and enjoyment.

More about me.

Assisting your body to tune back into it’s natural state of health, alignment and flow
So you can move forward smoothly
With greater ease, enjoyment and empowerment
Feeling your mind, body and life
more and more closely matched to

If you’re over trying hard, feeling stuck, stressed, confused or overwhelmed, in health or any area of life, let’s explore how you can actually use this discomfort to access, unlock and amplify your body’s inner wisdom, healing potential and energy, for a smooth, clear and empowered way through it . . .

. . . so you can experience what you already intuitively know, that there is more than this possible for you and that you can live a life that feels more true to you, . . .

for you, and all those who get to experience life alongside you.

Going beyond willpower and mindset alone,
learning how to set our body into a state where it can
naturally recharge, renew and resource itself.
Where we feel more comfortable listening in to what the body and heart are trying to tell us.
Where we know and feel confident acting on that wisdom,
to allow us to move forward
with greater ease, efficiency and enjoyment,
on our uniquely divine paths.

Mind-body tools can include:




intuitive movement.

Specifically activating and working with energy flows of health, repatterning the nervous system, alleviating triggers, activating more neural circuits, dissolving sub-conscious blocks, and allowing the true nature of you and the true nature of the health to flow through you and flourish.

In my 10 years working as an Osteopath, I have marvelled at the healing power of the body under my hands. I know it because I have felt it, mindfully observed it and learned from it, and seen the results for myself and my patients.

I want you to know how to access and experience more of the health that is within your body and all around you. So you can know and feel it too.

To use this to assist restrictions and discomfort your physical body to release as well as in any other area of your life in a similar way.

To demystify how the body restores and heals, what I feel happens in a physical treatment and how anyone can apply a similar approach.

Your symptom / problem / block is a signpost.
Tuning into it and knowing how to activate our healing response at the same time
can release the block and free up energy,
and even before that starts our healing systems can also
let the resources, ideas and inspiration that have been waiting for us flow in.
Life gets to flow more easily when our body, mind and heart work in harmony together.

Sessions with me are by design gentle, nurturing and intuitive so that we are working with your body, and with your nervous system in it’s optimal healing, rejuvenating, parasympathetic state. I hold a space of deep healing and compassion during any treatment, in-person or online.

I tune in to you and work with what your body is already trying to do from where you are currently at. I like to address strain patterns from past injuries, repetitive activities, posture or events from a whole body perspective to allow them to unwind through the whole body together. We can approach mental and emotional strains in any area of life in a similar way too.

We don’t always need to know where these strain patterns have come from because we can work with how they feel in our body, and this is one of the keys, literally, that can let them unlock.

Going beyond the mind to access more of the intelligence of the body and the intelligence of the heart, for greater health, ease and flow.

Less of the hard work, struggle and overwhelm.  More of the ease, flow and enjoyment. More of the health and wellbeing. More of you.

Whatever doesn’t feel great right now doesn’t feel great because it is not a match to True You.

This is your body’s intelligence speaking.

It’s can feel like a block, or feeling of something unknown not being right.

We know it because we can feel so out of sorts with it and not understand why.

What we need is more access to it, to let more neural circuits of our body hook up to is and our brain, and our heart, so that it can

more easily resolve that block and free up that trapped energy for you to use and enjoy.

That energy is not meant to stay stuck there, that is why it doesn’t feel good. Health and energy is trying to flow through and it’s getting stuck. In this very area that doesn’t feel good. It’s a sign that there is something there ready to shift.

These tools and this guidance are designed to assist you and your body to allow this shift to happen, in as much ease and comfort as possible.

Would you like assistance to ease these blocks and allow this health and energy to flow through?

Are you curious to see what’s on the other side of this? What might be possible when these blocks need not hold us back?

The relief we can feel when these blocks are released.

The empowerment that we can feel when we realise in fact that these blocks are not holding us back they are sign posting us to the very areas where the energy preceeding all we desire and truely need is trying to come in.

Greater health and energy flows are waiting to come in. Let’s access you to them so your body can more easily and comfortably free up the blocks in the way and feel all that health resource, recharge and renew you.

Tania Russell Heart Centered Living

Accessing more of the power within your mind, body and heart.

To access you to greater health and energy flows.

Coming back home to feeling more comfortable in your body, mind, heart and life within the world around you.

Tapping in to your true self, beneath all the surface chaos, confusion, limitation and overwhelm.

Finding your inner power, peace, clarity and direction.

Finding the ease, energy and inner confidence to empower yourself forward.


May the long time sun shine upon you.

All love surround you.

And the pure light within you, guide your way on.

Irish Blessing.