Next level self-healing tools that can access you to your health, wellbeing and life potential

You are more powerful than you know.

Your beautiful mind, body and heart can resource you up, melt away blocks, tune you in, and open up new pathways for a clear way forward,

with more grace, ease and enjoyment than you might think possible right now.

Hi, I’m Tania.

I’m a Health and Wellbeing Practitioner passionate about connecting you up with your health potential, through next-level self-healing tools, hands-on craniosacral treatments and intuitive guidance to assist you in moving smoothly forward


  • stress
  • triggers
  • blocks
  • overwhelm
  • anxiousness
  • confusion
  • indecision
  • chronic pain
  • restriction

in any area of your health, wellbeing, projects or life, be that physical, mental or emotional.

Accessing more of your brain, body and heart’s wisdom, pathways and optimal states can make things easier and clearer no matter what might be happening around you and in your life.

Tania Russell Heart Centered Living

To decrease stress, pain and restriction so you can move forward with grace, ease, enjoyment and alignment, true to you.

If you’re over trying so hard, feeling stuck, stressed, confused or overwhelmed, in health or any area of life, let me show you how you can use this discomfort and access, unlock and amplify your body’s inner wisdom, healing potential and energy, for a smooth, clear and empowered path through . . .

. . . so you can experience what you already intuitively know is possible, that there is more than this possible for you and that you can live a life true to you, . . .

for you, and all those around you.

Going beyond willpower alone.

  • Hands on craniosacral treatments
  • 1:1 mind-body-heart sessions, in-person or on zoom, guiding you through mind-body-heart tools to move through specific physical, mental or emotional restrictions
  • Self-guided resources and programs, so you can learn and practice mind-body-heart tools at your own pace
  • Group sessions to connect, interact and guide us forward together
  • Inspiration & Assistance

Your symptom / problem / block is a signpost. Let me show you how you can release it and be guided in your way on.

Mind-body-heart tools include: mindfulness, breathing, movement and awareness practices, specifically activating and working with neural circuits, sub-conscious patterns, your true nature and the nature of life that flows through you.

In my 10 years of working as an Osteopath, I have had the phenomenal experience of witnessing the healing power of the body, underneath my hands, every day. I know it, have felt it, as have my patients, and I want you to know that power you have within you. And I want you to know you can apply that healing power to any area of your body and any area of your life.

My hands-on treatments are gentle and subtle because they aim to work with the nervous system in it’s healing zone, activating your parasympathetic nervous system. I tune in and work with what your body is already trying to do to unwind whole body strain patterns from past injuries or chronic postural strains. And we can approach mental and emotional patterns in a similar way too.

To make it easier than you think to feel optimal, empowered and in the flow of life, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Tania Russell Heart Centered Living. Peace. Maraetai. Auckland. New Zealand.

It doesn’t have to be hard, or a struggle. You don’t need to feel stuck, overwhelmed, or out of control.  There is an easier way through.  

Whatever doesn’t feel great right now doesn’t feel great because it is not a match to True You.

This is your body’s intelligence speaking. Here’s what to do next.

It’s come up as a block, loud and clear, at the surface, very present, so let’s see if can set it free.

Are you curious to see what’s on the other side of this?

What happens when this is no longer holding you back?

Tania Russell Heart Centered Living

Coming back home to True You.

Coming back home and accessing more of the power within your mind, body and heart.

Coming back home to feel more comfortable in your own skin, in your own life, within the world around you.

Tapping in to your true self, beneath all the surface chaos, confusion, limitation and overwhelm.

Find your inner power, peace, clarity and direction.

Find the ease and energy to empower yourself forward.

Here’s the how.


May the long time sun shine upon you.

All love surround you.

And the pure light within you, guide your way on.

Irish Blessing. Unknown.