Tania Russell

Cranial Osteopathy treatments

NIS treatments (previously Neurolink)

Mind-Body Health Sessions

I’m an intuitive Mind Body Practitioner and Cranial Osteopath passionate about connecting you up with your health potential. Through gentle activating, harmonising energy work and practices, hands-on craniosacral osteopathy treatments and personal guidance to assist you in moving smoothly forward, from your mind,body, heart intuition and inner knowing.

In tune with your heart, mind and body.

Whatever it is you’re stuck with, in your mind, body or life, it’s possible to tune your body, mind, heart and life back into the frequency, energy and flow of health. For ease and enjoyment again.

In addition to gentle cranial osteopathy treatments I also offer mind-body energy and and heart based guidance and treatments. By addressing blocks at the core and powerful energy level it can be possible to


  • stress
  • triggers
  • blocks
  • overwhelm
  • emotional burden
  • anxiousness
  • indecision
  • chronic pain
  • fatigue
  • restriction

And invite in:

  • health
  • wellbeing
  • ease
  • flow
  • enjoyment
  • prosperity
  • love
  • peace
  • all your heart desires, everything truly matched for you.

Ways to work with me

For health, ease, enjoyment and flow

Craniosacral Osteopathy treatments. In-person.

Neural Integration System (NIS) treatments (formerly known as Neurolink). In-person.

Remote Healing Sessions. Incorporating Energy Codes and bespoke mind-body health and heart-centered practices. Over Zoom.

Mind-Body Health & Wellbeing Sessions. Incorporating Mind-Body, Heart and energy practices to access and integrate your true health and potential, beyond will power and effort. Orienting your whole system and life to what you truely desire, by your heart. In-person or over Zoom.

In Auckland, New Zealand at Clevedon Health Hub.

Cranial Osteopathy. Let me know if you would like to combine in any other modality listed or we can tailor a session when we see you.

Over Zoom.

Background & Experience

Golden Heart Wisdom Ambassador

HeartMath Certified Coach

Energy Codes Certified Coach

Energy Codes Remote Healing

Biodynamic Craniosacral Osteopathy

Master of Osteopathy

Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Biology)

I marvel at the capacity of the human body to rejuvenate and heal itself, often in ways our mind cannot foresee.

For the past 10 years I have been practicing as an Osteopath, specialising in gentle, intuitive, craniosacral, myofascial and ligament based treatments.

Diagnosing restrictions in the physical body and working with the body to allow the natural flow of health to restore, unwind and realign whole body patterns holding the restriction.

Over the past 7 years I have been increasingly offering mentoring in health and energy flow restoration, including mind-body practices to decrease overwhelm and embody confidence, fulfillment through the heart. The heart is the very first organ to develop in a fetus and plays an important energetic role regulating the rest of the body. By returning to greater awareness of our heart, we can allow our nervous systems and lives to re-regulate, recharge and become naturally more in sync. Feeling in the flow with nature and life.

I have found these tools and habits returning us to our heart and in sync with natural energy flows to be the most effective and enjoyable to date. These have built on the yoga, meditation and mindset practices I have been discovering since I was 11, which I found were invaluable in navigating sensitivity, anxiousness and opening up to greater possibilities. And I am enjoying the continuing discovery and expansion!

I am grateful to so many amazing mentors who continue to inspire me. Thank you. We are all better together.

I enjoy living by the beach, spending time with my nieces, family and friends, here and online, dancing, anywhere anytime, adventuring in the outdoors, especially near water, and contributing to humanity and those around me.

I love living into a vacation lifestyle. This means not waiting for the vacation but increasingly inviting in and co-creating a life that feels like a vacation every day.