How would it feel to Relax and Receive?


There are an infinite number of possibilities for you to receive, which can be easier with the addition of some Mind-Body-Magic, enhancing our connections to them through our mind and body.

We can tend to spend so much of our time in upload mode, saying “I want… I want…” but have we given ourselves the time and space in download mode, to actually allow our mind-body system to receive, calibrate to and integrate what we do want?

To allow the neural circuits in our body to form and for us to practice into the states of wellbeing, ease, joy, and receiving in general that we wish for?

How comfortable are you asking for assistance?

How comfortable are you in someone paying you a compliment? Receiving money or a gift or offer of assistance from an unknown source or for no reason? Do you feel you need to pay this back or return the favour to feel good about it?

How many times in a day do you allow yourself to relax and just be?

Do you have inspirations and clarity of thought while driving, in the shower, or at 4am?

Do you sometimes get sick just as you’re starting a holiday?

These are all signs that we can be uncomfortable receiving or uncomfortable being in the optimal state for receiving during our every day life. Sometimes the only way inspiration and clarity can be received are at times that don’t always seem ideal or there is such a backlog that our system takes us out of action so that it can catch up on some housework and receiving and integration of our experiences.

So many of us can do with more receiving!

Join us for this experience of receiving through guided mind-body meditations with a different theme each, yours to download.

Using the latest mind-body practices, including what I use in practice and for myself.

Guided health meditations and activations.

Simple and enjoyable mindfulness activities from the heart, and a simple formula for tuning into and receiving energy and letting it flow.

Join us for this group experience where we will practice into this receiving mode regularly, so that it builds.

Like building any other muscle in the body, the more we practice it, the more it builds, and in an exponential way.

It doesn’t need to take an effort. It can be just a choice to be present for this, to allow and receive this experience itself.

The purpose of this group is to help you connect with anything you’d like to receive more of. It could be health, vitality, money, love, beauty, the what can remain personal and private to you, I will guide you through the how.  

We are already receiving, but currently it may feel like you’re receiving a whole lot of what you don’t want. Maybe old patterns, fears, and judgements that keep you from being fully expressed in the world.

From Effort to Ease

The mindset of Receiving, and also beyond that to allow this to program and integrate in our body, which is often the missing piece that can welcome what we wish to receive into this physical reality.

Unlocking and using more of the in built intelligence and technology of your mind-body system

Hooking up more of your neural and energetic circuits so that more of the available natural energy flows around you and within you can flow more freely , abundantly and smoothly.

And how to let your heart guide this. So that it feels comfortable, in synch with and a match to true You.

Mind Intelligence…Body Intelligence…Heart Intelligence…Life Intelligence…


*Receiving meditation through a weekly Facebook Live that you will also be able to download via a link in a weekly email. More details on this Receiving Meditation below.

*Remote harmonisation each week

*Zoom gathering at end of the month, to celebrate this month, share anything you would like me to assist your system in harmonising and to welcome in and receive the next month coming  

*Intro to the Essence of Receiving

*Intro to how your Mind, Body, Heart and Energy Flows can work for you, optimally and how it is possible to harmonise and synchronise your mind, body system and have experiences like this receiving one feel comfortable and smooth

*Note that this group is infused with this energy of receiving, ease, joy and flow, guided from the heart. This group is a powerful energetic space where blocks can effortlessly dissolve.

*Note also that by joining this group, you are automatically adding your pure energetic contribution to the group. Which is amazing by the way even if you can’t feel this yourself right now. It’s that pure energy of you, like when you were newborn. That is what we all get to receive too in having you join us. Thank you for being here!


Choose your own value contribution (or suggested guide $9-$19 USD / month)

The most important thing is what value feels good to YOU to contribute?

The more aligned you feel to your contribution the smoother and more abundant this experience will be for you, whether that is $1 or $100.

The amount does not reflect how much you will receive through this.

Choosing the amount that RESONATES with YOU the most will reflect how much you will receive.

Starting as we mean to go on, choosing what resonates with our mind-body system.

This is my wish for you, today, right now, and always.

It is what contributes the most to us, and to all in the long run, even if we can’t always see how at the time.

See this guide on how to tell what resonates with your mind-body system.

Tip: you can also use and practice with this any time you need assistance making a decision that is a match for true you.

Initially this group will be available for a period of 6 months from November 2023, with the opportunity to continue on if desired.

You are free to join anytime, and to stop or rejoin at any time.

You will have access to all the meditations and zoom recordings for the months you are subscribed.


  • We start by asking “what does it feel like to receive this in my body?”
  • I’ll guide you to feel into where you might already feel this in your body or energy field. 
  • Awareness is enough! Once we tune our body to our north star, it can do the rest! It’s simpler than our minds would like us to believe. 
  • The ease and simplicity of receiving can be unfamiliar, which is why I started this group as a place where we can practice together and deepen our receptivity! 
  • We’ve got energy circuits in our bodies and energy field around us. We are receiving & transmitting all the time! In a group, the energy of receiving becomes much more powerful, making it easier for all of us to receive. 
  • Blocks transmute much more quickly in the energy of a group. You don’t even have to know what it is but you may feel something clear and notice more ease in your body. 
  • Your presence in the group is an amazing gift to all the other participants! Just as you are a rare gem that exists on this planet, there is no one like you, if you feel aligned to join our group, your unique energy will positively impact the group, easing the way for others to receive their dreams and heart’s desires.


*Welcome in what you’ve been wishing for with more clarity, ease and enjoyment

*Feel supported in a group with other heart-centered humans co-creating their heart desires too

*Practice your brain and body back into receiving mode so that this becomes an effortless part of your every day life

*Be able to feel good receiving

*Be able to feel good and productive ostensibly having guilt free “relaxing” time in the middle of the day that you know contributes so much to yourself as well as those around you that you start to prioritise this in your day and life

*Find out what is next for you, what the next aligned steps could be and feel naturally inspired to take the next action to bring that in

*Experience the power of your mind-body connection and energy flows, through meditations, gentle breathing, guided by your heart

*Go beyond willpower and so much effort and struggle, unlocking, discovering, welcoming and enjoying more clarity, a clearer path and extra resources from within you and around you

*Explore a different perspective of how your mind and body can work in a greater way for you

I’m so looking forward to connecting with you! And enjoying this process with you.

Let’s see what’s waiting, ready for you to receive!


I am passionate about working WITH the body, in allowing things to feel EASIER and in FLOW, in tune with YOU.

I have been cultivating working this way with the mind and body with Health for the past 10 years, and expanded to develop ways of working in a similar way with all aspects of life over the last 6 years through many Mind-Body, Heart and Energy courses.

I enjoy finding ways things can feel easier and more enjoyable and have always been fascinated with unlocking and discovering more of our optimal human potential.

With a degree in Human Biology and a Master of Osteopathy, I went on to specialise in Craniosacral therapy and gentle fascial unwinding working with the body’s self-healing mechanisms.

I have a sensitive system, and have long enjoyed meditation, yoga and aligned body movement which allows me to feel into and assist the unwinding of long standing whole body stresses and strains, as well as allowing the mind-body system to align to what it is we do want and what is a match for us, be that in the physical body, or energetic or mental body.

I see present discomforts as having come up to the surface of our present experience to be resolved and released and aligned heart desires as being here for us to receive and enjoy.

I believe this can be made easier through a greater, more synchronous mind-body connection.


Our body is like a ship or a compass. We point it in the direction we want it to go. And sometimes, all our body needs is to review where it’s at and where it wants to go, and it can do the adjusting for us and inform us what actions we can take to support it in keeping doing that for us.

How charged is your phone right now? When was the last time you checked it? Are you aware of how fully charged your body feels right now too? Try this 1 min exercise to see for yourself, or reach out to me and I can guide you in how to find out for yourself.

<To add to a separate page: Take a moment to feel into it now and see. Try a number out and see how it feels to you. As a quick guide, if you get a slight pressure feeling anywhere in your body or head, try a different number. Becoming aware how your body reacts gives you an idea of what is true for you and what is not. Message me PM Messenger and can guide you through this >

Putting our bodies in the optimal states for recharging and receiving on an ongoing basis is another key aspect of allowing our mind-body system to work most efficiently and effectively and enjoyably for us, with us, and us with it.

Our body has it’s own intelligence. When shown the way, and given permission, it has self-aligning, self-righting mechanisms and knows what it needs to do and is trying to align to optimum.

It sometimes just needs more permission and time in it’s optimal states to do more of this work for us. And sometimes we can even be trying so hard to help our body out that we can get in the way of what it’s already trying to do, as it may not be in the way we think from our mind that it needs to happen.

I have often found myself in this situation in working with the body over the years too. It required some faith at first, some natural curiosity and now it still continually astonishes me what and how the body can heal and integrate and resolve and receive things in ways beyond what the mind would’ve thought possible.

I would love to get to experience this with you, see you flourish in all you wish for and get to live freely, abundantly, rewardingly from your heart alongside you too.

So you can live with more EASE, JOY and FLOW and live into a life you LOVE.

A life that you can’t wait to wake up and live into.

A life that feels more and more like your favourite vacation every day.

Email me any questions or how feel about this invitation!

I’d love to hear from you.