Sessions are available either over Zoom, or in person from either Clevedon Health Hub in Auckland, New Zealand, or on location at Retreats. Sessions can combine modalities from any of the following. Please let me know if you feel guided to a particular approach. I can also tune into and suggest what may be best for you at the time.


Craniosacral Therapy

Gentle, relaxing, restorative craniosacral therapy using biodynamic cranial, myofascial and ligamentous techniques. Unwinding whole body patterns and working with your body and it’s surrounding potential to restore health.

Through 10 years clinical experience as an Osteopath, post-graduate study in biodynamic cranial, myofascial and ligamentous techniques, and a natural sensitivity, I am able to feel whole body strain patterns going back many years and tune into what your body is already trying to do to unwind these, as well as tune into the health of the whole system. Opening up and amplifying health pathways for your body and facilitating your body restore itself, to ease restrictions, reduce pain and allow optimal health and wellbeing to flow.

Attuning the body to health, so that it can carry on in that direction forward long after the treatment session has completed. I also advise how you can do this too through self-healing techniques, and guide you with any other exercises or activities that might be beneficial for you going forward, and assist you with ways to most easily and enjoyably integrate these into your existing day.

NIS (Neurological Integration System)

Formerly known as Neurolink. More info to come.

Energy Codes

More info to come

Mind Body Practices

1:1 and Group sessions, in-person and over zoom.

Sharing next level mind, body, heart tools including short, easy to incorporate breathing and awareness practices and meditations. To smooth the way forward and make things easier and more enjoyable than you might think possible. Shortcutting and going beneath the stories, blocks and triggers, to find the easier, smoother, clearer path, accessing more of your true self and potential, opening up and optimising brain pathways, physiology and life.

Typically includes practices from HeartMath, Golden Heart Wisdom or Energy Codes. See below for more information on these.


More info to come.

Golden Heart Wisdom

More info to come


To Come.