10 day email journeys guiding you into living a life that feels more and more like a Vacation.


This isn’t about escaping your everyday.  

This isn’t about waiting for your next vacation.

Or even waiting for the next weekend, lunchtime or evening to have some time for you, to feel happy, relaxed and replenished.

This isn’t about going anywhere necessarily or needing to be anywhere other than exactly where you are.

This is about bringing what you love most about your favourite vacation INTO your everyday life. Starting today.


So you can feel alive, recharged and rejuvenated. So you can remember that your life is for you, about you, and can fuel you.

So you can feel your best self, for you, and for all those around you, and get to enjoy it more and more along the way.

So you can contribute all the amazingness you have to offer this world, in a way that feels vibrant and alive, fuelled by your heart.

Infusing your life with more of the things you would do on vacation, in the way that you would do on vacation.

So we don’t need to wait for the next vacation. So we can start living like this, today.


Just like any good training program, we can start small.

We can start with one email per day. With one simple idea to contemplate and live into today.

This is designed to be simple, light and fun, and easy to integrate into your existing every day.

Especially if you’re already feeling busy or overwhelmed, and think you might save this for “later” when you’ll have more time.

You, and you feeling good IS IMPORTANT.

Feeling good can exponentially increase your enjoyment and wellbeing, as well as your efficiency and effectiveness, not to mention the ripple effect this can have out to all those around you.

And it can be easier than you think.

Here’s to you, and you getting to live life from your fulfilled and overflowing heart.

Just saying yes to this invitation and reading the brief email each day you will receive so much.

You can think about it on your way to work, while doing the dishes or chatting with friends. And any inspired actions you can easily incorporate into your day you can too.

As a bonus you can read about how the nervous system recharges and resets, even how it can do this on the go, and you can learn about the power of the heart and the mind-body connection, and how this can enliven our brain, body and life when we’re on vacation.

Or you can just sit back and enjoy the fun activities on offer through the emails.

Ultimately, this is designed to feel like a vacation.

So you can just pick and choose and do this in the way that resonates for you.

It’s all about you, and you living into a life that feels more and more like you’re already on your favourite vacation.



  • One email each day for 10 days delivered to you with one idea to contemplate or incorporate into your day
  • “Ease & Flow” meditation to assist you in easing into the flow of this vacation mode. Designed to smooth out any blocks or discomfort if they come up along the way

>> Based in the mind-body connection, these activities are designed to be simple, light and fun, and easy to integrate into your existing day <<

Here’s to more of your Life, On Vacation.



10 day email journeys

$19 USD each



For the past 10 or so years I’ve been practicing into this philosophy in every day life.

I love getting to live life more and more in this way, it’s soooo fun! And I’d love to have more wonderful people like you to share in it with too!

After a little while I even thought it was a bit frivolous, and would sometimes feel strangely guilty for enjoying more and more of my day.

Then I realised I could practice back into the feeling of whole heartedly enjoying more and more of my day, and as I did I saw how much that actually contributed to those and the world around me. And how much easier, more fluid, enjoyable and more aligned to my heart life became. The ripple effect of this living from the heart.

And so it continues…It’d be so fun if you felt it to join me! Or maybe you already have and you’re just excited to find someone else doing this too! Either way, I’d love to get to share it with you.


I first came across this idea when I had too much time on my hands contemplating that with all this mind, body, heart and energy work, if anything was truly possible, what would it be that I actually wanted in life.

What would it be that makes my heart sing? When have I been at my happiest in life? What have been my most enjoyable and favourite times?

What are we most looking forward to in life? What do we get most excited talking about?

Liz Gilbert in one of her talks I saw for the Readers and Writers Festival about her book “Big Magic” said that her favourite question instead of “what do you do for work” was to ask people “what are you most excited about”.

It’s often a project we’re passionate about that is going to contribute to the world, something happening in the lives of our loved ones, or our next vacation or adventure.

We also so often “look forward to” and talk about what we’re planning to do this next weekend, tonight after work, or our lunch break. Some time out, some reward time or time to enjoy what’s important to us.

And what if it was all that kind of time. What if we could get excited about our every day life like we get excited about going on holiday?

What if today you were going on vacation? How would you feel?


Back 10 years ago, an initial google search revealed two matches. One was this article on Huffington Post and another was a post by Jessica Caver Lindholm, which is how I found this amazing rockstar mentor who I have been inspired by and learned so much from in business and in life.

Over the course of many years I did several fundamental things and incorporated many ways of living into this “live like you’re on vacation” type of life.

Informed by inspiration, heart-centered living, mind-body connecting and my developing understanding and feeling of health, wellbeing and energy flows, which are now a part of this 10 day mini e-course that you can enjoy too!

This mini e-course is designed to be fun-filled, light and expansive, from the heart, filled with all of your favourite things from a vacation.

From a young age, ever since I first read “Mind Power” by John Kehoe, I’ve been inspired by what’s possible and how to unlock more of our brain power and potential. which has since developed into a fascination with unlocking more of our hearts, our bodies, ourselves and our lives.


I hope you enjoy!

Do let me know how you find it. I’d love to hear from you.


I believe, and it is my experience, in clinic and in life, that we can all access and feel a greater sense of health and wellbeing.

The best results I have seen is when we can work in with our body, our mind and our heart, synchronously together with the energy flows around us.

This is an invitation to orient your mind, body, heart and life to what your heart desires in a profound, and enjoyable way.

Our body, mind and life is like a ship or a compass.

Using mind-body practices we can:

Orientate our mind, body and life in the direction we want to go

Check in with the body and use it as a read out on how on course or aligned we are to our heart, our own inner compass or true north

Activate the energy of that desire within the body, as well as let the body receive all the energy it needs from the space around us for that to come closer into physical form

Allow any discomforts or blocks to dissolve along the way.


Fostered through my time in clinic over the past 10+ years as a cranial osteopath, a background in yoga and meditation from age 11, I enjoy feeling, tuning into and working with the body and the energy that flows through and around it, including the energy of Health.

I find that by allowing and facilitating more Health to flow, this can allow restrictions and blocks to dissolve and melt away, and let the body receive, integrate and enjoy the Health it needs.

Along with my time in clinic, I have practiced mind-body tools over the past 7 years and worked with energy flows in the body for myself personally as well as with mind-body clients online and in person.

We have worked with Health, as well as other Heart aligned desires, to welcome in and integrate in the energy of them, allowing this to program, orientate, be received and flow, in our body, mind and life.

I’m looking forward to seeing how you experience this and what happens next when we orient our compass to a life lived on vacation.

And in case your mind is telling you that we can’t all live like we’re on vacation as nothing would get done… It is my experience and belief that when we are fully resourced and aligned with our heart, we are actually even more productive, as well as happier humans.

Life gets to be easier and more enjoyable, as well as productive.

Our heart is an untapped source of energy, clarity, inspiration and creativity.

The more we can engage our hearts in all we do, the more it will resource up our brains and bodies and lives in a way that allows us to be productive as well as happier in all that we do.

We might have just learned in the past that we either need to work, or be happy.

We can do both. It’s the energy that we are in and that we can practice our minds, bodies, hearts and lives into that can change.

Are you ready to?

How do you generally feel when you’ve returned from a vacation? Resourced, clear, rejuvenated? Better for some blue sky thinking time? Would you like to see what happens if you could experience a little more of this every day?

Resourced and recharged, even while on the go and doing what you need to in a day.

With your mind, body and life lit up by your heart and living in flow.


10 day email journeys

$19 USD each

Send me an email, ask a question or let me know how this resonates. I’d love to hear from you!