An immersion into the Essence of Health. A reconnection through your mind, body and life with the pure energy of Health.





Assisting you in reconnecting deeper with Health. Within you and all around you.

Allowing Health to enliven and flow in your mind, body, heart and life, including all those areas that feel like they need it the most right now.

The option of taking a self-guided online course, joining a 4-week group experience or joining me for personalised private sessions.

All including:

  • A health immersion meditation
  • A simple mind-body formula that you can use to connect with and welcome health in any moment
  • The option of joining our health & flow community
  • Simple, enjoyable activities that can further connect you with and enhance your experience of Health, designed to seamlessly integrate into your life.

Going beyond healing, to Health.

Going beyond mindset, to enlivening the very essence of Health, in your mind, body and life, as guided by your heart.

Mind Intelligence…Body Intelligence…Heart Intelligence…Life Intelligence…

Exploring and working with the Energetics of Health



*A simple mind-body formula to welcome Health and Flow in any moment and how to apply this to your particular circumstances

*An audio guiding you through this formula to welcome Health and Flow in any moment, applied to your particular circumstances

*A deep soak Health Immersion meditation to allow your whole body to reconnect to and receive Health. Including a gentle body activation and harmonisation that can enliven and allow a felt sense of Health to integrate within your body. So that Health can increasingly flow within you and emanate all around you.

*Short online modules you can use to guide you through connecting to Health & Flow, with:

– background information on the true essence of Health, including the energetics of Health

– activities that can assist you in tuning your mind, body and life into Health and flow, with ease, every day.

*Health & Flow Facebook community for inspirational conversations around Health and possibilities



*4 x 1 hour small group Zoom sessions over 4 weeks. To further explore and soak into Health, with the opportunity to ask questions and receive personal assistance to dissolve blocks or limitations and receive Health and possibility particular to your circumstances.

*Messenger group to stay in touch, share and deepen the experience through the week.


*4 x 1 hour private 1-1 Zoom sessions over 4 weeks. To further explore and soak into Health, with private assistance to assist you in personally dissolving any blocks or limitations and receiving Health and possibility particular to your circumstances.

*There is also the option of a single private session available, either as an add-on to the group or self-guided experience, or as a stand alone session. Email me directly to book.


*You have a particular health issue and would like to enjoy greater Health but you just don’t know what to do next

*You would love to be able to go out and enjoy a new activity but it feels like there’s some things you just can’t do anymore because of how you feel about your health, body, mind or emotions

*It feels like there is something blocking you or holding you back from experiencing greater Health

*You remember a time when you felt healthy, free and confident in your body and you would love to feel like that again

*You feel overwhelmed or disempowered in your body

*You’re over trying hard to fix or work at your body

*You’re curious to explore a different perspective of health and your body

*You’d like to feel empowered and confident in your mind and body again


I believe, and it is my experience in clinic and in life, that we can all access and feel a greater sense of health.

The best results I have seen is when we work in with our body, listening to, responding to, and allowing it’s innate intelligence to work on our behalf.

This is your invitation to orient your mind, body, heart and life to Health in a profound, and enjoyable way, in a way that is in tune and in sync with you..

Our body is like a ship or a compass. We point it in the direction we want it to go.

Our body also has it’s own intelligence. It knows what it needs to do and is always trying to revert back to an optimal state. It sometimes just needs a bit more of a helping hand, or time in an optimal healing state to do that.

Through this experience you will get to connect with your body and Health on a deeper level. This is an opportunity to work in with your body to allow it deepen it’s connection with health so it can increase it’s access to your body and life, so it can flow more easily.


In my time in clinic feeling into restrictions and blocks in people’s bodies, as well as connecting to, cultivating and getting to know and feel health more intimately over these past 10+ years, I love this feeling of Health.

The spark of possibility as it enlivens again in an area of the body previously blocked or restricted, as it starts to flow, unwind and ease through a line of tension.

I am regularly surprised and humbled by the intelligence of the body and I believe if we can tune into where health is already present and where it is wanting to emerge from, and if we can assist the body to be in as much of a healing, restorative mode as it does, truely amazing things can happen.

Having used mind-body tools over the past 7 years in my personal life and to assist accessing health in practice I have combined these with my experience and knowledge of health and am ready to share it with you.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this could assist you to enable and enliven greater health in your body and life!

Join a Health & Flow Experience

Email me with any questions you have, or just to let me know how you feel about this invitation.

I’d love to hear from you.

*How would 100% Health feel in your body?

*Do you believe this is possible for you?

*How does Health feel to you?

*What is on top for you right now with regards to your Health?

*If you no longer needed to:

worry about your Health

put as much effort into your Health

control Health

*If you could:

feel confident in your body

connect with Health and know it was always there for you

relax, welcome and enjoy Health…

*What would you now get to do?

*How would your life look?