Why Heart-Centered Living

Heart-Centered Living is choosing to live life following the heart’s intelligence. It is learning to trust our intuition, our inner knowing, and distinguishing that from our emotions or our head. Tuning in to the heart’s signals allows us to make decisions with clarity and confidence, knowing they are aligned with our truth and will be in the best interests of ourselves and the world around us.  

If you’re feeling out of sorts, overwhelmed by choices, changes or life, running on empty, uninspired or just not able to get traction on an important goal, this is for you.  

We amplify the heart’s signals through short easy practices that harmonise physiological, mental and emotional processes in the whole body and beyond, and allow us to distinguish the heart’s signal more clearly. Like tuning in to a radio station, this reduces static noise and literally tunes us back in to the signal of our true essence, so that decisions can be made from clarity, ease and knowing. It optimises our body and life, allowing us to feel ease, calm, clarity and confidence, with feelings of enjoyment, flow and fulfillment despite what external circumstances might be.   

The heart is more powerful than the brain and developed before the brain in the womb. According to HeartMath Institute, who have been researching Heart Intelligence and these types of practices for over 20 years, the heart has 40,000 neurons forming what is now called the heart-brain, and emits a signal that is stronger in amplitude than the brain.  

The brain is of course undeniably incredible and our main processing tool however the heart can inform our brains what our next most efficient inspired action is and will ensure it is aligned to our true essence, the best version of ourselves. Without us having to analyse or agonise over a decision. Trust me, I was an expert at this, and found it hard letting go and trusting the heart was going to take me somewhere I wanted to go and not just leave me in airy-fairy dream land or lazyville.  

On the contrary, over the last 4 years, the more I have developed and followed this heart intelligence, it has led me to be far more productive, happier, healthier, on purpose and energised, often in ways my brain could not possibly have imagined. Ultimately life following my heart feels like I’m living on vacation. I feel in the flow of life, recharged with energy, inspired to explore and contribute far more than I thought, far easier than I thought, and with permission to enjoy it along the way. And I’m seeing it do the same for others around me.  

I would love to introduce you to these heart-centered practices and ease the way for you, watching as your life becomes more fulfilling than you can imagine.

I’ve found this a fascinating and enlightening, grounding and inspiring, calming and energising journey, from the head to the heart. I would love to see what it could do for you.  

There are plenty of free, short activities to try in the resources section, or you can choose to delve deeper with the group or individual experiences there. <Sign up> to receive inspiration and exercises via email, contact us <here> or follow us on <Facebook> to find out more.  

And if you’re looking for a good place to start, <Heart-Centered Breathing> is the one single practice I wouldn’t live my life without. And if you don’t know or are feeling overwhelmed, check out the <how to make decisions easy> resource first. 

May the long time sun shine upon you, all love surround you, and the pure light within you, guide your way on. (proverb, uknown author)  

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